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November 30, 2008

November 2008 – Lilah and Luke

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This month I decided to transform our existing family website into a WordPress blog. I was reluctant to make the switch because once I have a process that works and is simple, I tent to stick to it. However, I think I’m happy to make the change as this format and technology allows me to organize and search for entries much easier than the old way. It also allows the few of you who read the blog to quickly make comments on different entries. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your comments. I still have a lot of work left to transfer and edit 4 year’s worth of content from the old site into this new format, but overall I’m happy with the results.

Highlights for this month include:


Luke had a great soccer season. In terms of statistics, I think he scored 5-6 goals, saved many others with his defense, and got a beautiful assist on his last game when he deftly passed out of a crowd to an open teammate who ran down the field and scored a goal. More importantly though, Luke seemed to enjoy the entire experience of going to practice and playing with his teammates. And, at this age, that is what counts the most. I too had a good time helping my friend coach the team and being part of shaping the experience for the kids so I think I will be signing up to do this again in the spring.

School is going okay for Luke. He likes attending, but is definitely not into doing homework. I learned this the other day as I took over for Cathy in helping him complete his assignment. All we had to do was answer two questions, but those two questions (one short sentence each) took Luke about 20 minutes to complete. It’s interesting to watch his delay tactics — he’ll ask for some milk, or he’ll get up and pet the dog, or ask to watch a movie. And even when you get him to focus and do his work, he always does it begrudgingly and with a distasteful look on his face like its the end of the world. He then resorts to writing really slowly, making mistakes and erasing his work multiple times and starting over. It almost feels like he’s cleverly manipulating you, hoping that his slowness will break down your patience and cause you to take the paper from his hand and finish the assignment for him. Luckily, I resisted the urge ;-).


Lilah’s big project this month was doing a report on planet Saturn. Lilah did a lot of work researching the information and creating a very informative report that included photocopied pictures as well as drawings of her own. But she didn’t do this without “some” help. Cathy directed the project and showed Lilah how to research and gather all the facts for her reports, as well as develop her own drawings. To expedite things a bit, Cathy helped write the report while Lilah dictated what she wanted to talk about. She then proceeded to guide her in putting all the pieces together into a nice booklet. These school projects are truly a lot of work for the parents — so much so that I jokingly congratulated Cathy on getting such a good grade for her project. To be fair, Lilah did do a lot of work here and she also had to present her report aloud in class, but without a supportive parent, I doubt these things would ever get done (thanks Cathy).

Both Lilah and Luke are into Karate these days after watching Kung Fu Panda. You never know when the urge will strike them to unleash a mock karate battle or leap over real or imaginary obstacles in a single bound. For the most part, it’s fun to watch them, although you have to be somewhat vigilant because Lilah’s roundhouse kick can be deadly if she doesn’t use restraint.


For Thanksgiving, everyone came over to our house. Cathy made a large turkey breast, her famous spicy corn dish, and a new sweet potato recipe, while I made pulled pork. I changed the recipe on the pulled pork foregoing the traditional sweet style southern recipe in favor of making it Puerto Rican style with sofrito. I’m not sure I liked the change as I felt the pork could have used a little more flavor. But then again, it didn’t help that the roast actually caught on fire on our grill. Fortunately, I managed to save the roast in time, but since the outside got almost completely charred by the flare up, I was forced to cut off the outer layer (which contains a lot of the flavor) and throw it away (otherwise things would have tasted like charcoal). In any case, the actual pulled pork was still good, but I know it could have been better. I just have to make a note to myself to mind the roast next year instead of distracting myself with figuring out blogging software on my computer. The good part is that in the end we all had a nice time together as we partook in an evening of eating, drinking, conversation, and, of course, more eating.

The Election

Just one funny story about the election. As I think is the tradition with many kindergartens around the country, Luke’s class held a mock presidential election. Luke knew that Cathy and I had been following the build up to the election so when he got home he excitedly asked me who I was going to vote for. I told him I would vote for Obama. A very disappointed “Aaaaaaaah” from Luke followed as he proceeded to tell me he, and most of his class, voted for John McCain. I’m like, that’s fine Luke, he is a good man and a good choice as well.

The next day, however, Luke came home and told me he had changed his vote and was now voting for Obama. I told him he didn’t have to do that because of me — he insisted that the decision to change his vote was his own. After Luke went to bed, I asked Cathy what had led to Luke’s change of heart. Cathy said that on the way home from school Luke had also asked her who she was voting for — both Cathy and Lilah said they were for Obama. I couldn’t help feel bad knowing that Luke had allowed our decisions to change his allegiance so I reassured him that no matter who he voted for, it was okay us and that we loved him just the same. Interesting what “family peer pressure” can do, eh? I just wished it worked the same way with homework.

Next month should be fun. Lilah has her recital in the middle of the month and who knows what other activities and mayhem the dynamic duo of Lilah and Luke will get into as the countdown to Christmas morning begins.

That’s all for now…


  1. David
    Sounds like things are going well. Zion and Zen are doing well. Have a Feliz Holidays

    Comment by Bennie — December 8, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

  2. Hola Primito:
    Nunca te he escrito, pero veo siempre tus fotos y las de tu preciosa familia. Tus hijjos estan super grandes y lindos!.
    Espero te encuentres bien y tu familia tambien.
    Con mucho cariño desde Chile, mil abrazos

    Comment by Daphnea — December 14, 2008 @ 4:04 am

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