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March 31, 2016

March 2016 – Family Updates

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March Highlights:

Seinfeld at the Arlington Theater

Cathy purchased tickets for us to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Arlington theater in Santa Barbara. During the show, Jerry touched upon the fact that we had all venturedĀ out on a work night to see him because as humans we are always looking for that next thing to do. In other words, we have to makeĀ plans so we can go see “that thing” and have something to talk about so that we can not have such a crappy life…otherwise, why come out on a Thursday night — I’m paraphrasing here. It was funny to hear Jerry talk about how the show was on a work night and how we all complain about such things and then once we get to “that thing” that we’ve been wanting to see, that we’ve made plans to see mind you, we start wondering about when the show is going to be over and when we’re going to leave because we have to get home and get some sleep.


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