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November 30, 2015

November 2015 – Family Updates

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November Highlights:

  • Trip to Miami to see cousin Mario and Lindsay get married
  • Celebrate the life of a great man gone too soon
  • Luke leads his team to convincing victory in last game of the season (their only win but sweetly savored)
  • Thankful to celebrate another Thanksgiving together
  • Kickoff the 2016 season at Mammoth over the Thanksgiving break

Bomario 2015

These days all the “cool couples” have websites to promote their wedding and provide valuable info — a calendar of events, registry information, directions, etc. My cousin Mario and his wife, Linsday, even had a nice moniker created for their site, Bomario, a play on Lindsay’s last name and Mario’s first name. Going to this wedding was cool on many levels. I remember that when Cat and I were in our 20s there was a stretch of time where we seemed to have multiple weddings to attend every year. But then, time passes and the you go through what seems like an eternity before you attend another nuptial again, making it that much more special when you do receive another invite. Obviously, if it’s a great couple, you look forward to attending the event. And, if the wedding is in a destination like South Beach Miami and you get to fly with some of your favorite travel companions (pops and sis) you jump on the opportunity without so much as a second thought.


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