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January 31, 2015

January 2015 – Family Updates

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January Highlights:

As you can see, I sort of slacked in the picture-taking department this month. Time and time again I found myself leaving the camera behind. What can I say, it happens. Hopefully, I will return to my shutterbug ways next month. Just keep in mind that as the kids get older, taking photographs of them does become more difficult so I’ll manage the best I can. Maybe future blog posts will be more stories than pictures. Anyway, it’s TBD for sure.

Uncle Mario & Cousin Andrea Come to Town

Last year, my uncle Mario’s daughter, Andrea, came to visit us during the first month of the new year. This year, we had the added bonus of Andrea and her dad visit us together. I hope this trend continues and that next year the trifecta of uncle Mario, Andrea, and Mario (junior) come to town. That would be sweet.


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