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August 31, 2016

August 2016 – Family Updates

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August Highlights:

  • Luke goes to surf camp
  • I compete in my longest triathlon ever, a 3hr 48 minute affair at Santa Barbara long course
  • Lilah finally gets her summer school grade for US history — an A (and she was worried)
  • Kids go back to school
  • Saw Captain Fantastic with Cat and the kids — good movie (although Lilah said it’s not her type of flick)

Luke and Nicolas Go to Surf Camp

After thinking it over a few days, Luke decided he would join his cousin for two weeks of surf camp at Mondos beach in Ventura. The camp wasn’t every day, just twice a week but Luke pretty much nailed the standing up part in the first day. The instructors used 8-foot long soft boards which made it easier for the kids to paddle and stand up. And for students who had trouble, the instructors would help paddle the boards into the wave and also balance the boards from behind to make them wobble less and make it easier for the kids to get to their feet. Luke apparently did not need much help and was pretty happy about that.


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