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March 30, 2007

March 2007 – Lilah and Luke

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In many ways this month seemed to be a big build-up toward Luke’s birthday party which we held at the end of the month. Between the beginning and ending of the month were plenty of things to get done: send out birthday invites, decide upon a theme (Sponge Bob), purchase snacks, drinks, paper plates, and a cake that didn’t match the theme (Monster truck cake per Luke) … put together goodie bags, organize all the equipment to take to the park, and, of course, listen patiently to Luke begin what seemed like every other sentence with the words “I want that” and conclude each declaration with the qualifier, “for my birthday.” Yes, this was the year in which the birthday concept really hit home for Luke.


Besides the fascination with his birthday, Luke also has been into the game Candyland for about a month and a half or so. He always insists on going first, but for the most part I’m able to coerce him to let everyone take a turn at going first. It’s definitely interesting to watch Lilah and Luke go at it in Candyland. Everything is fine for the person who is in the lead, but as soon as they pick a card that makes them go backward and lose their lead or fall way behind, the looks on their faces change and the game becomes not so fun anymore. In fact, on one occasion, when confronted with this situation, Lilah blurted out that she hated the game and actually threw her game piece across the room. Yes, this led to her being sent off to her room, while Luke smirked ever so slightly at seeing the sight of his sister lose it — in a similar fashion to the way dad sometimes does when he knows he is saying something that will make mom lose it ;-).

For the most part the kids get along, but they definitely have their moments and each knows how to push the other’s buttons. Luke’s latest catch phrase is “I’m in the lead,” something he started saying after playing one of the new toys he got for his birthday. It’s a mini race track with two cars you can race against each other. In order to make the cars move, you have to shake them, then place them down on the track and hit a button. Again, Luke insists you let him press his button first so that he can be in the lead. I have to remind him again and again that those are not the rules. Here’s a sound clip of what Luke sounds like when he’s in the lead. Another thing Luke says to me now is, “I told you 100 times already,” a phrase he apparently co-opted from mom.

Now that the Spring is here, Luke has also taken up playing baseball again. On the sports front, he alternates between playing baseball and basketball or riding his scooter. Here is a short clip of Luke making contact with a baseball. One of my neighbors keeps encouraging me to put him in a league and I think I will but I’m not in any hurry. I figure the little guy just turned four and for now the two of us can just play together with daddy pitching the balls and Luke hitting them. It’s sort of our time and I don’t know if I’m quite ready to give that up for an organized league just yet.


Recently, Lilah has come around to playing tennis again. I think it’s because not too long ago we hit a few balls and she realized that she could hit the ball pretty well. In any case, she has asked that we put her back in tennis lessons again so we’ll see how that goes. Perhaps a break is what she needed so that she could explore other things like tap-jazz class. Right now she has a break from pretty much all her activities outside of school except for piano and I think it’s doing her some good as she seems happier and more into the things she does decide to do. I think that today there are just so many choices when it comes to activities for the kids that it’s easy to over schedule them, and, in the process, you suddenly turn what were once fun activities into chores the kids don’t look forward to doing anymore.

This month, Lilah also developed a fascination for digging up and collecting earthworms. It’s funny because she digs this little dirt patch in our yard, finds the worms and picks them up with her fingers. In contrast, Luke will help her dig, but you won’t see him taking a worm in his hands — at least not yet.

Lilah’s teacher mentioned that Lilah has come a long way in school when it comes to her class participation. She said Lilah is now raising her hand more in class and more confident with her answers. Mind you, her schoolwork has always been good, but she’s always been on the quiet side. I think I like how she is developing though. Sure she’s a tad on the shy side, but she is curious about things, likes to learn, and is blossoming at her own pace. She’s also made inroads at expanding her circle of friends, as she’s gone on two play dates with two different girls in the last month or so. But just because she’s shy and a little quiet, don’t let Lilah fool you into thinking she’s just all sweetness and light, as she can definitely throw a mean look with the best of them. Just take a look at this picture I took of her when she was sulking at Luke’s birthday party (apparently because daddy wasn’t paying enough attention to her). Classic.

But just so we don’t end on a negative note, here’s the sweet Lilah singing a new song she learned at school…

Okay, until next month….

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