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December 31, 2016

December 2016 – Family Updates

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December Highlights:

December 2016 – One Very Eventful month

What a big month December turned out to be. The beginning of the month started with both Mrs. Guerras celebrating birthdays — both are still in good shape and looking great. Luke was on his own mission this month after I “green lighted” his build a computer project. Eventually, all the parts we ordered arrived and Luke was able to build most of the computer himself. However, when it came to connecting all the different power cables, we decided to take the machine in to professionals just to make sure everything was configured correctly. The end result is that Luke now has one very fast gaming machine which will also serve the dual purpose of being his video production machine for school projects.

Luke was also awarded with student of the month at his school for embodying the attribute of kindness, something he unexpectedly showed us again when he surprised us with a handwritten note on Christmas day thanking us profusely for all we’ve done for him. Cat and I were both very touched and agreed it was the best Christmas present we could have received. I am not posting the letter because I don’t want to embarrass him, and in this day and age it’s still good to keep some things private ;).

Grandma Carol came in to town again as part of her usual pilgrimage to the “lower 48” to escape the brutal Alaskan winter. As always, she has a lot of travel plans, the highlight being a month-long adventure to Colombia. As part of her visit, I drove down south to San Diego county to spend a day and night with her and my brother Benny in his new pad. The house is in a pretty remote place in the mountains on these narrow country roads, but the privacy, the quietness, and the view of the stars is spectacular. Enjoyed seeing Benny and my nephews Zion and Zen who we reconnected with again when Benny and Carol came up north to visit my sister.

We all had a wonderful time at my sister’s house for Christmas dinner. Typically, it’s Christmas Eve dinner but this year Andres had to work Christmas eve so we changed plans to Christmas day. My sister cooked her delicious Chilean pastel de choclo and we all sat around drinking, eating, and then drinking and eating some more before opening presents and saying our good byes.

It was definitely an eventful year with much to be grateful and thankful for, and much to look forward to. One of the things I’m looking forward to the most is starting my new job on January 3rd. As I mentioned last month, it’s a big move for me. After being the 12-year old timer at Semtech, I will now be going into a startup environment where I will be the new kid on the block for a change.

And now onto the year’s highlights. Happy New Year to you all! More next month.

2016 Highlights

Here’s a few of the highlights from 2016:

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