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May 15, 2009

Building a Fort — By David Guerra

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Building a Fort

Swaying eucalyptus branches
hint of changing weather.
Light rain dots the cement
releasing the smell
of wet pavement.

The kids scramble to the
side of the yard and drag
out a 6 foot long cardboard
box they rescue from
the recycle pile.

Luke runs into the house
momentarily to get supplies:
two juice boxes
a musical i-Dog radio
playing cards and a black bag
of assorted toys.

On his way out, he crosses paths
with Lilah who comes in to get
pillows and blankets.
They are both moving with a purpose.

Outside, Lilah directs her little
brother on where to place everything:
one pillow on each corner,
supplies in the middle.
Perhaps sensing the urgency,
Luke follows orders . . . for a change.

Quickly they crouch into their fort
and erect a pillar using a piece
of cardboard packaging
and masking tape to prop the lid
of the box 45 degrees.
This provides enough
angle to deflect the gentle
pitter patter of rain and
gives them the room they need
to sit up and survey
the horizon for signs of the
impending storm.

It will be here
any moment they insist,
and they are now ready to
survive and sleep
“out in the wild” with the bunny
and the little mouse they saw
scampering through the grass earlier.
That is the plan.

At least, for the next 30 minutes.

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