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August 31, 2016

August 2016 – Family Updates

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August Highlights:

  • Luke goes to surf camp
  • I compete in my longest triathlon ever, a 3hr 48 minute affair at Santa Barbara long course
  • Lilah finally gets her summer school grade for US history — an A (and she was worried)
  • Kids go back to school
  • Saw Captain Fantastic with Cat and the kids — good movie (although Lilah said it’s not her type of flick)

Luke and Nicolas Go to Surf Camp

After thinking it over a few days, Luke decided he would join his cousin for two weeks of surf camp at Mondos beach in Ventura. The camp wasn’t every day, just twice a week but Luke pretty much nailed the standing up part in the first day. The instructors used 8-foot long soft boards which made it easier for the kids to paddle and stand up. And for students who had trouble, the instructors would help paddle the boards into the wave and also balance the boards from behind to make them wobble less and make it easier for the kids to get to their feet. Luke apparently did not need much help and was pretty happy about that.

On the last day of surf camp I left work early to Luke’s progress with my own eyes. But first, my sister and brother inlaw Andres let me know about how they arrived to the beach early so Luke could do a little boogie boarding before the surf lessons. Of course, Luke paddled way out into the line up almost out of sight like he always does scaring both my sister and brother in-law (just like he did with me last month). My brother in-law ended up paddling out into the water to see if he was okay and to also let him know the lessons had started as he was well out of hearing distance.

That aside, during the rest of my visit there I saw Luke surf wave after wave until lessons were over. Nicolas had a few moments where he stood up briefly but he definitely still has more learning to do. He doesn’t mind though. I think he just likes being out in the ocean playing rather than being at regular swim practice grind. In any case, it was a nice activity for both boys and a great way for them to hang out, laugh and bond. Glad my sister told me about it and was cool enough to drive Luke to camp and feed him afterwards. Thanks sis!

Going Long

Last year, I committed to participating in one long triathlon race — the Santa Barbara long course which is 1 mile of swimming, followed by 34 miles of hilly bike riding and a 10 mile run. My goal in doing a longer race was just to see if my body could do it and not fall apart. In theory, with all the training I do — roughly 10 hours a week or so — a race that long should not present much of a problem for me. However, thinking that you can do it in your head is quite different than actually doing it.

For the most part, the race went really well. I relaxed on the swim and didn’t try to go all out because I knew I had a lot more racing in front of me. I came out of the water feeling good and ready to rock the bike. On the bike, I had a solid effort although the hilly course made it tougher and seem longer than the advertised 34 miles. My goal on the bike was to be smooth and consistent with my power output. I also wanted to make sure I drank the two bottles of fluid so that I wouldn’t cramp up on the run. Everything on the bike went according to plan.

The run is where it got a little tricky because within the first half mile my right quad just above my knee began to knot up. The leg did not seize up and cramp completely but I knew that I was not going to be able to run 10 miles that way and I sure was not going to walk 10 miles to prove I could finish the distance. Even after slowing my pace down the knot was not going away and it felt like it was only a matter of time before a full on cramp would take me out of the competition. I stopped and massaged my leg several times as I watched runners pass me. The massage wasn’t helping at all so I switched to my last strategy — changing my foot strike. Normally, I land on my midfoot/forefoot area, but I switched to a heel strike and before I knew it the knot in my quad began fading away. By mile 2.5 or so I was back to running normally and from there on out I was able to run well and finish the race strong.

For a while, it had looked a little bleak. When that happens, no matter how much training you do, it’s easy for the negative voice in your head to get louder, “I can’t do this,” “my body is just not meant to go long distances,” “I’m just gonna have to stop,” “this sucks.” Somehow, I figured out a way to tune that out and find my stride again to finish confident knowing that I can do this distance again if I had to and more. I think a half ironman is well within my reach and may shoot for one next year. My total time for this race was 3 hours and 48 minutes — about 3 times the distance of any of the other events I had participated in this year. It was by far the longest triathlon I’ve ever completed and the accomplishment feels good. It’s going to make my end of year Sprint triathlon in Carpinteria seem like child’s play in comparison.

Back to School

I didn’t get many pictures of Lilah this month but at least she agreed to pose with her brother for the first day of school. She took a summer school course just like last year. This time it was US History and even though she’s not a big fan she still managed her usual stellar results when it comes to academics (nothing less than an A). I joked with her about being excited for the new school year to begin. I said, “Just think Lilah, you might end up sitting next to a new best friend.” She looked at me and said “Stop. I’m not excited about school starting at all.” Well, even if she was just a tad excited she would never admit it to me anyway. This is the shirt she wore to her first day of school which reads “can’t wait for school….just kidding.”

Luke echoed Lilah in his anti school sentiments, but he has joined the flag football team for the first time and I think that will be a great experience for him. I think I am the one who is looking forward to the new school year the most. Oh, and Cathy too as it will mean that the kids won’t be constantly asking her questions throughout the day or asking her to take them places. Pretty soon, we won’t even have to take Lilah places as she’ll be gearing up for her driver’s license test in October. After that, she’ll be able to take herself to school, practices, volunteer events, etc.. It will be cool, but at the same time I will miss the fun conversations we sometimes have when she is behind the wheel and I’m in the passenger seat while she practices. Oh well, I will just have to adapt and find other opportunities for that type of banter ;).

That’s all for now. More next month!

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