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October 31, 2017

October 2017 – Family Update

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October Highlights:

One More Race Before Officially Calling it a Season

There’s a place my dad and I like to go to for breakfast called “Black Cow Cafe,” in the city of Montrose. Normally, it’s a spot we go to after I race in one of the Bonelli Park triathlon series events. Problem was, I hadn’t done any of those races this year. I decided we needed to fix that, so I entered the last race of the season in mid October.

I had a decent race, but the highlight of the day was definitely stopping at the cafe for my favorite corn flake encrusted french toast and hanging out with my dad. That, and also doing a quick pop over visit to see Farsh and Mary and their two cute mini pinchers. My dad hadn’t seen them in years, so he enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with them and seeing their house for the first time. Cool when impromptu visits like that work out as I find that they’re not easy to come by because people usually have weekend plans, making surprise visits a rarity but a treat when they do happen. Mary, thanks for being so gracious despite not being warned about our stopover ;).

Cat Gets Away to Vegas for Big Quarterly Les Mills Training Review

Every quarter, Les Mills has what they call a quarterly where instructors can go learn and experience new training formats, meet and share ideas with the celebrity-like, Les Mills master trainers, and interact with fellow instructors in a fun collaborative atmosphere. Unbeknownst to me, Cat also had a few side excursions planned as part of her trip. One was sitting in a 600+ horsepower Ferrari 488 GTB and racing it around a track. Actually, she didn’t race it – she let an instructor do that while she rode shotgun in the passenger seat. The driver did get Cat involved in the process however, letting her shift gears a few times just so she’d get a little hands-on inspiration for next time when she’ll most likely get in the driver seat and race the car herself. The company Cat used for the experience does a great job putting together a video of the entire experience, including how fast the car was going – 120+. Here’s Cat’s short video of her Ferrari ride just in case you’re curious. 

Her other adventure was going out to see Carrot Top’s comedy show at the Luxor. I’ve seen his performance before with Cat, and I can attest to the fact that he has a great act. After the show, Cat did a meet and greet and took this picture to commemorate her night out. I’d say Cat made the most of her trip, while I stayed home hanging with the kids, reading my book, and cuddling with the chihuahuas ;). 

Celebrate Dad’s Birthday

October always gives us another great reason to spend time together – my dad’s birthday. All of us were able to be there to celebrate and that’s not always a given due to the fact that Andres typically works weekends and Lilah usually has something going on. The weekend of my dad’s birthday was no exception. Andres was working, but managed to get off early enough to join the fun. Lilah, on the other hand, already had plans to attend a Mormon dance Halloween party, but she still came out to spend an hour and a half or so with her grandpy because she knows he appreciates that and loves it when his entire family is with him. 

Those were the highlights. Overall, a little bit mellower month than usual, but we welcomed the slower pace as things will now start picking up again with the holidays just around the corner, and the snowboard season starting up anew.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are well. More next month!

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