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March 31, 2008

March 2008 – Lilah and Luke

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This entry will have to be fast as tomorrow we start preparing for our second kids consignment sale. The highlights for this month:

  • Lilah wins YMCA contest for best bonnet (she was the only to make one, but it was still pretty fancy ;-))
  • Luke gets his second trophy — for soccer this time
  • And a nice little sign by Lilah to vent her frustrations

Kids Fight Over Chores

The other day I heard Lilah say “Luke that’s my chore.” How comical the kids are fighting for the priveledge of getting to do chores like this one. Lilah’s motivation stems from getting money for doing these things. She even wrote up a list of her chores and what she should be paid for each (her verbiage below):

  1. Feed Joya morning and evening. 2 “dollers”
  2. Pick up poops. 2 dollers
  3. Give Joya water. 1 doller
  4. Pratets piano (which we reminded her is not a chore). 5 dollers
  5. Play with Joya. 2 dollers

I swear, there’s a Mastercard or Visa commercial in this list somewhere.


For Easter, the entire family got together at our place. The cousins searched for eggs then hung out in the den to inspect their “booty.” This time Lilah was satisfied with her collection unlike her YMCA experience the day before where she pouted because she only nabbed 6 eggs in the morning egg hunt free for all — where all kids within a certain age range get released on a huge expanse of lawn at the same time to gather as many eggs as they can. Lilah actually did quite well, but was mad because the smaller kids would bend down and take eggs just as she was ready to snatch them. End result was this face.

Luke only grabbed two eggs at the Y, but got a second chance to grab a few more and seemed quite happy with the experience. The big cheese on his face with the Easter bunny pretty much summed up his mood.

Anyway, those are the quick updates for now as it’s time to relax a bit before waking up to the big sale week in just a few short hours. Until next time.

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